Pyrolysis as Recovering Value from Waste

Incineration fully converts the input waste into energy and ash. Under controlled conditions conversion could be deliberately limited so that combustion does not take place directly. Waste is converted into valuable intermediates that can be further processed for materials recycling or energy recovery.

Pyrolysis is the decomposition of organic materials during heating in oxygen-free atmosphere to produce gas, liquid and solids. Decomposition products of the pyrolysis depend upon the heat, pressure and time the material is held within the vessel.

The pyrolysis technology increases recycling rates to reach higher profitability, to address environmental concerns, and to achieve governmental targets.

• Increased possibility for recycling:
a) Incineration: the only practical product is energy;
b) Pyrolysis: gases, oil and carbonized materials. Gas, solid and liquid phases can further be used as a combustion fuel;

• Emissions from pyrolysis are lower:
Most of the materials are recovered. Very little escapes into the environment. By displacing fossil-fuels, waste pyrolysis can help meet renewable energy targets, address concerns about global warming and contribute to achieving Kyoto Protocol commitments;

• Pyrolysis systems could be:
Developed for a wide range of capacities and a very wide range of wastes, recovering materials and energy from residues left from materials recycling, e.g. electrical and electronic scrap, tires, mixed plastic waste and packaging residues;

• Pyrolysis is the process that is relatively insensitive to its input material:
It can accept e.g. unsorted MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) and soil contaminated with dioxins.

Pyrolysis technology is simultaneously old and new one. Main drivers for the pyrolysis technology always were to avoid incineration and landfilling. High oil and energy prices should further trigger pyrolysis technology implementation on a broad industrial scale.

• Pyrolysis uses: 
Long-term commercially proven efficient pyrolysis process.
Pyrolysis of the Municipal Mixed Plastic Waste.
Pyrolysis of the Medical Waste.
Pyrolysis treatment of different waste.
   • Sludge
   • Biomass
   • Tyres
   • ASR (Automotive Shredded Residuals)
   • Electronic waste
   • Soil remediation