Commercially Proven Efficient Pyrolysis Process

Pyrolysis waste processing is a non combustion heat treatment that chemically decomposes waste by applying heat to the waste in an oxygen free environment.

The efficient pyrolysis system can be flexibly utilized for processing mixed municipal plastics waste, municipal solid waste (MSW), medical waste, biomass, sludge, etc. Single pyrolysis unit combines optimal construction with the safety of equipment.

In Modular Pyrolysis Steam Cycle (MPSC) system, waste is thermally degraded using an indirect, external source of heat at temperatures of 400-600 C in the absence of free external oxygen/air  supply. The volatile portion of the feedstock is thermally decomposed, producing syngas which is sent into a boiler, producing steam for power generation by turbine. The flue gas is treated in an emission control sub-system and then sent to stack.                                                                                   

The practical experience in pyrolysis have led to the modern version of the MPSC process. The MPSC plant consists of several functional units (modules) implementing pyrolysis process with coupled conventional steam-cycle with no supplementary fuel or oxygen supply under normal operating conditions. In case of the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) treatment, the pyrolysis process converts this waste (poor and inconsistent fuel) into better quality fuels namely pyrolysis gas and char. In certain case, e.g plastics, pyrolysis gas can be cooled down, and the condensate is collected as oil, which can be used as fuel for burners and diesel generators, heating oil.  

Single continuous pyrolysis units (up to 250 tpd ) can be combined to increase the total capacity of a processing facility. Continuous pyrolysis system combines power and flexibility. Enhanced system functionality enables users to select the usage either for oil producing or carbonization or direct electricity generation.

Some areas of the practical implementation of the pyrolysis technology

 Application Feed stock to pyrolysis system Products of pyrolysis

Waste plastics
Waste tyres
Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
Biomass /wooden chips
Medical waste
Sewage /animal farm /paper pulp /oil sludge

Hot water
carbonized materials
Recovered materails

 Carbonization Wooden chips
Organic sludge
Carbonized materials
Solid fuel
 Soil remediation Contaminated soil (dioxin, PCB, mercury, oil) Clean soil

Efficient patented pyrolysis system; safe and economical in operation; facilities built; recommended minumum capacity of the pyrolysis facility: 20 tpd.

Note: Quality of the product is determined by two main factors:
‚Äʬ†Long-term and large-scale commercialization of the technology.
‚Äʬ†Quality of the process equipment.