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Range of Products for "Purification".

Recommended for use in civil, industrial and farming purification plants. This range of products will help you to dispose of any type of sewage: from homes, industries, farms and feed industries, and livestock rearing farms.

Active large-spectrum enzymes and micro-organisms metabolise organic substances and optimise concentrations of C.O.D., B.O.D., Ammonia, Phosphates, Nitrates, Surface-Active ingredients, etc., exerting a strong antagonist action against pathogenic germs. Used in purification plants to re-vitalise active sludge, they promote the formation of useful bacteria colonies. Myasms are minimised and unpleasant odours inhibited.

Range of Products for "Landfills".

Highly specialised bacteria in the product increase the rate of "mineralisation" of organic components in the refuse and induce formation of more stable, less unpleasant-smelling compounds, together with a definitely less concentrate percolate, which is easier to dispose of at considerably low cost. Continual dosage of a specific product that basically acts in an anaerobic environment and leads to the formation of increased amounts of biogas, which is particularly interesting in power-generating plants.

Range of Products for "Composting".

The use of this product containing selected enzymes and bacteria considerably increases activities supporting reactions of biological degradation in aerobic composting processes. At a low concentration, the reaction is speeded up which increases the amount of material to be composted, and therefore higher income. Moreover, tests carried out with major universities have proved that AAA Construction & Development products offer exceptional advantages in terms of gas-vent index, a parameter officially recognised by current legislation in this sector. Low values of this index are particularly appreciable as it basically means that the resulting compost is particularly stable. This requirement can easily be met using AAA Construction & Development products, which also protect the environment of the site in which the compost is placed.

Range of Products for "Waste Bins".

For the sanitation of waste bins, reduction of unpleasant smells and elimination of pathogenic germs. Comes in brown colour powder of various grain size.

Significant reduction of unpleasant smells
Sanitation of waste bins and improvement of hygiene and health conditions for users and town waste collection operators
Reduction and elimination of percolate formation
Reduction of Coliforms, Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria
Reduction in the number of bin washing and reclamation operations
Reduced incovenience in temporary storage of refuse
Easy washing of the bin without having to scrap it, thanks to disgregation of coarser particles stuck to the bin walls.

How it Works
The active large-spectrum enzymes and micro-organisms in the product digest the organic matter and prevent formation of unpleasant smelling compounds, such as Indole, Skatole and Mercaptans, and exert a strong antagonist action against pathogenic germs.

Harmless for humans
The micro-organisms contained in the product belong to class 1 as defined by Council Directive 93/88/EEC of 12/10/1993. Bacterial strains in the product are not included in the list of biological agents classified in annexe XI of law no. 626 of 12/11/1994. Do not contain G.M.O. (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Range of Products for "Communities".

A solution to the problem of disposing of organic waste Finally a simple cost-effective solution for prevention and the sanitisation of workplaces.

Eliminates the source of unpleasant smells;
Inhibits the formation of encrustation;
Reduces scaling;
Prevents obstructions, stains and contamination;

How it Works
The biological formula, based on natural enzymes, digests the organic matter, eliminates proliferation of pathogenic bacteria, guarantees perfect hygiene and safeguards the environment in all workplaces, including those particularly exposed to contamination.

Range of Products for "Lawns & Parks and Public Areas".

Natural bio-activator and bio-stimulants that are particularly effective on lawns and grassed areas in general.

Improved general condition of the grass.
Improved rooting, resistance to pulling up and trampling, absorption of nutrients, and resistance to waterlogging and drought.
Reduced frost damage in winter.
Solution to ecological problems caused by the use of chemical products, thanks to the total use of organic products.

How it Works
The method consists basically of applying a special bioactivator together with specific biostimulants and organic fertilisers.

For use in organic farming under EC Regulation no. 2092/91.