We propose to clean the areas, the sand and the vegetation "In Site" with Biodegradable Chemicals MPCD and Biological Acceptable Products BIOSINFO that are Environmentally Friendly to accelerate the process of Biodegradation. To do that we need heavy machinery to mix the products with the soil and sand and a lot of hand labor "In Site".

To ease the burden on oil receivers, a voluntary agreement has been reached amongst owners of small tankers indemnified through members of the International Group of P&I Clubs to introduce the Small Tanker Oil Pollution Indemnification Agreement (STOPIA 2006). Under the terms of STOPIA 2006 the liability in respect of incidents involving tankers up to 29,548 GT is increased to 20 million SDR - about $33 million. STOPIA 2006 applies to incidents involving participating tankers in all 1992 Fund Member States. A second agreement known as the Tanker Oil Pollution Indemnification Agreement (TOPIA 2006) provides for indemnification of the Supplementary Fund for 50% of the amounts paid in compensation by that Fund in respect of incidents involving tankers entered in one of the P&I Clubs which are members of the International Group.



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