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We propose to clean the areas, the sand and the vegetation "In Site" with Biodegradable Chemicals MPCD and Biological Acceptable Products BIOSINFO that are Environmentally Friendly to accelerate the process of Biodegradation. To do that we need heavy machinery to mix the products with the soil and sand and a lot of hand labor "In Site".

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Mechanism of the Product's Action in the presence of Hydrocarbons


Microorganisms BIOSINFO natural, non-pathogenic, are associated with natural mineral materials compatible with them and variable particle size and adapted - (carbonate of marine origin, volcanic stone, aluminum silicate). These brackets facilitate nesting and fixing bacterial biofilm, providing a wealth of trace elements that makes them more active, stronger, more breeding (metabolic activity and enzyme kinetics).

Micro-organisms associated with these minerals create their own ecosystem stability, support high toxic concentrations (eg up to 250 mg / l free chlorine), avoid the loss of exo-enzymes for the colonization and continuous flow processing continuously, creating specific food chains, opening the door to ordinary bacteria. Depending on their specificity, micro-organisms are fully committed to their work degradation toxic pollutant effluent. The nesting allows the coexistence of bacterial strains mutually incompatible.

The phenomena of energy conservation between bacterial membrane polarization and wall supports explain minerals of electronic, ionic or metallic.

* Micro-organisms in Group 1, requiring no special precautions, banal saprophytic, ie all bacteria, fungi, viruses, except those designated in the following categories and whose use is study or legally prohibited.
* These micro-organisms have been audited by search and enumeration of common germs and research and counts of pathogenic bacteria commonly sought in investigations by a laboratory official - no pathogens, Salmonella Enterobacteriaceae pathogens, anaerobic sulfite- reductive and Staphylococcus aureus
* PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: bulk density of between 0.88 and 1
Appearance: white powder or a light gray sand - pH: 7 to 8.4
* COUNTING BACTERIAL MEDIUM: Over 10 (4) cfu / gram.

The extreme porosity, up to 39% of total minerals, offers an S / V available about 400 m / cm3. They operate like a real "molecular sieve" - the molecules in the medium to be treated, are absorbed and trapped in the pores, in decreasing order, with water as far ahead:
H2O => NH3 => SO2 => H2S => CO2 => CH4
The bacterial breeding will transform into a single molecule of ions in polluted water.
Eutrophication - DYSTROPHISATION
The effect of flocculation of TSS, promotes action by restoring the purifying and processing phytoplankton photosynthesis in favor of zooplankton. The decrease of soluble phosphate is primarily involved in this action.
The strong presence of bacterial colonies in our natural environment, allows degradation "as and" extent of organic matter (nitrogen). The micro-algae (blue - green) • are rivaled in their development by nutrient competition.
For eutrophication, the treatment is often valid for several years, at an initial shock treatment, then maintenance doses reduced every year.
The application periods are most favorable from March to June and from September to November.

The rapid implementation of our micro-organisms on the funds, will allow a complete mineralization of mud or oil, with an observable reduction in the early months.
The volume reduction is due to the amount of material removed at the dissolution of some mineral ions by balancing the water and the release of interstitial water retained by the organic material (a sponge) after degradation. Is the result of successive phenomena:
- Precipitation in SS on the bottom
-Absorption of organic matter and nutrient minerals in our formulations

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