Three Dimensional Panel System

Changing the Way the World Builds

A Whole New School of Thought........

Wood, block, hammer and trowel have served us well over time. But a mix of factors is swiftly forcing us to rethink our methods of construction. Concrete block is labor intensive and rising in cost. The cost of steel and the price of lumber have risen dramatically and prices are only expected to increase.  We have depleted our forests faster than we can replenish them.  We need new ideas, dramatic, sweeping ideas.

 Introducing the AAA Three Dimensional Panel……

In a world grown accustomed to evolutionary change, one remarkable building system is making a truly revolutionary impact on global construction.  The AAA Three Dimensional Panel System.  A construction system which provides long term durability and energy savings without compromising our natural resources. 

Even our production process is innovative.  We use only the methods and machinery patented by AAA Construction & Development, the world’s leading manufacturer of automated welding machines.  AAA Construction & Development has perfected this complex manufacturing process, which utilizes computer precision accuracy to produce our panels with extraordinarily exact and consistent specifications. A System So Flexible It Stretches the Imagination!

How is the AAA Three Dimensional Panel system being used today? For custom homes and tract housing. For shopping centers and manufacturing plants.  For apartments and hotels.  For privacy and sound-barrier walls, floors and ceilings, walls and roofs, even load bearing walls in multi-story buildings.  Designs have no limits. Virtually any structural requirement can be met.

 Time is money, and AAA Three Dimensional Panel saves more of both

When building with the AAA Three Dimensional Panel, labor and time savings can have a substantial impact on the bottom line. Highly skilled labor is not required and fewer workers are needed.  One man can easily carry a panel, put it in place, and quickly secure it.  Your building can go up and be completed in days, instead of weeks or months.  A few workers can erect the shell of a 2,500 sq. ft. home in less than a day. 

 Neither wind nor rain......

 Nor hail nor movement of the earth.  The AAA Three Dimensional Panel has been put through rigorous testing to ensure its strength and durability, and to demonstrate its amazing ability to withstand virtually any hostile environment. AAA Three Dimensional Panel buildings have endured hurricanes with no damage or water penetration, and earthquakes with no cracking.  All this while providing a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

 Fueling a Revolution........

 The AAA Three Dimensional Panel System is unlike anything used in traditional construction, and the rapidly increasing popularity of the AAA Three Dimensional Panel is fueling a revolution in the building industry.  We are truly "changing the way the world builds."