Advantages and Uses

The advantages that Three Dimensional Panel System represent are:

  • Reduced Construction Time-    it's not uncommon for a few unskilled workers to erect the shell of a 2,500sq.ft.structure in less than a day.  Indeed many companies that produce homes can produce an entire 2,500 sq.ft building ready to be utilized and occupied in as little as 3 weeks!
  • Greater Structural Integrity produces - A continuously reinforced, insulated wall with extraordinary strength-to-weight ratios.  Much more than concrete block and other concrete construction methods.
  • Earlier Completion-earlier Occupancy - can mean lower total capital investment and a quicker return on investment.
  • Excellent Thermal/Sound Barrier - meets all VA, FHA and HUD thermal requirements; double shell configuration minimizes sound transmissions.
  • Lower Maintenance Cost - A concrete structure minimizing long-term maintenance requirements.
  • Environmentally Intelligent - does not contain CFCs*; System does not deplete forestry products. Eliminates the threat of Fire and Termites!

The Three Dimensional Panel System is being used in construction projects of virtually every type around the world, including:

  • Commercial Office Buildings , Upscale Homes, Correctional Facilities
  • Condominium Development Schools Sound Barrier Walls
  • Manufacturing Facilities Nursing Homes Low Cost Housing Projects
  • Fire/Privacy/Partition Walls Municipal Structures Fire Stations
  • Tunnel Production and Tunnel renforcement
  • Bomb Shelters