Prices vary depending upon the type and sizes of the product being ordered.

AAA Three Dimensional Panelsare offered in a variety of configurations with 11 gauge galvanized wire mesh and 2", 2 1/2", or 4" modified expanded polystyrene insulation. Panels are sold on a square foot basis. Pricing depends on the size of the polystyrene insulation and the dimension or size of the welded wire mesh. Price varies too much to be quoted here. You should check with your area distributor or give us a call to verify price

Comparing Cost To Other Building Systems.

The cost is dependent upon the design and finish of your product. Every structure is as unique as a fingerprint; no two are alike. This makes analyzing the cost on a square foot basis difficult. Our product is price competitive with most conventional construction methods. Keep in mind, AAA Three Dimensional Panel is extremely versatile and can be used with conventional systems. For return of investment AAA Three Dimensional Panel beats stick framing as well as most other systems readily. The dollars spent can be made up very quickly in energy savings alone. Over the life of the structure, the savings are considerable.