Code Approvals

The test results by different companies around the world with the three dimensional panel system show that the system is satisfactory and holds under adverse conditions of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and fires. 

Base on this test the system has been approve under the safety codes:

National Code Compliance # NER 454-Reissued January 1, 2000 (includes BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI)

Department of Housing and Urban Development HUD...-...Structural Engineering Bulletin No. 1120 Rev 1 Issue Date: February 27, 2001

Metro Dade County, Florida Acceptance No. 94-1006.01 Date: February 25,1999

Government of the Virgin Islands of the United States Approval for Walls, Floors and Roofs Issued January 29, 1996

Island of Puerto Rico Case Number 90-00-A-548 CPE Issued May 8, 1991

State of Louisiana - Dept. of Public Safety & Corrections Issued Sept. 23, 1998

City of New Orleans Vieux Carre Commission Issued: September17, 1995

Texas Department of Insurance Compliance with Windstorm Resistant Construction Guide Issued October 4, 1996 *City of Houston, May 24, 1999

Grand Bahamas Environmental Research Group Ministry of Works & Utilities Issued: May 25, 1994

DOT-NC Sound Wall I-485 Project #8.26770115 D.W. Spence, P.E. Date: September 16, 1998

DOT-FL Sound Barrier Wall Specification section 534 Jimmy B. Lairsoey, P.E. Date: December 4, 1991

Noise Barrier Walls - I-295/Jacksonville, FL Construction Research Lab Test Rep. #6612 Julian McDonald Date: April, 14, 1995

Center For Applied Engineering Sound Barrier Walls - Test No. L91-27#1 D.L. Moyer, Research Engineer Date: February, 20, 1997

Dew point Analysis - Dow Chemical Date: January 21, 1998

Experimental Panel Flexural Load Test Pruitt and Purcell, P.C. Date: April 23, 1996

Corrosion Test Indian Institute of Technology Date: March 26, 1991

Field Sound Transmission Class (FSTC) Dunn & Associates Date: May 11, 1998

Report of Earthquake Resistant Test EVG 3D Project Date: November, 1997

Compression Flexural Test Results Pruitt And Prucell, P.C. Date: October 8, 1993

Structural Inspection Report (92-177) Dave Pannu, S. E. Date: July 1992

Lateral Load Tests No 284-4334-2 Date: March 1994

Thermal Test No. 93-125 Center for Applied Engineering, Inc. October 18, 1993

ASTEM E72 Compression Testing Law Engineering Job # 1460021700

Acoustical Lab Reports Test No. 93-125B Center for Applied Engineering, Inc. Date: September 29,1993

Modified E108 Evaluation on Exterior 3D Wall Panel Project #01-2601-407 Southwest research Institute Date: January 16, 1990

Structural Inspection Reports P & P Dec 10, 1993