Complete constructions of a wide variety are proof that he overall quality of all the buildings made with Three-Dimensional panels is excellent.

All building, erected in regions of different, severe climatic conditions, proves the outstanding thermal and sound insulation properties and the high sturdiness of finished construction withstanding highest wind load and earthquakes.

The  Three Dimensional Construction System offers a simple and cost-effective method to finally deal successfully with the worlds ever growing needs for shelter and housing.

The Three-Dimensional panels may be used for nearly any kind of residential or industrial building.

They also may be used for buildings any type of home, ranging from small, affordable houses to high class residential villas and condominiums.

Constructions may go up either using exclusively Three-Dimensional panels or the panels may be applied to complement traditional construction methods used as curtain walls or as “filler” panels for metal or concrete frame structures. The use of Three-Dimensional panels as filler wall panels for industrial metal frame structures, their application for cost effective buildings of correction centers, application in precast components, etc., make the panel a truly universal building product.