Molecular Potentially Chain Disintegrator
Dispersant • Detergent • Degreaser

The MPCD is a non-flammable, biodegradable dispersant based on a dilution of surfactants in water, sodium bicarbonate and sodium metasilicate.

MPCD is an aqueous solution, red-pink, presenting a density slightly heavier than water. This characteristic requires an initial agitation of the product to dissolve in water.

The oil spill dispersant is applied in the field by means of a strong spraying apparatus, using a standard automatic dosing machine to disperse the adequate ratio water/dispersant. The dispersant can be dissolved and used indistinctly in fresh and sea water.

the MPCD is environmentally safe for its application in presence of field crews. It is also safe for aquatic fowl, marine mammals and sub aquatic species in general.

MPCD formulation solutions are modified to meet different global environmental requirements.
For example, in the Middle East, and Africa where production is primarily onshore, MPCD's formulation is a non-flammable, non-dispersant, biodegradable, oil spill cleaner. MPCD is environmentally safe and uses nutrients and microorganisms to encapsulate and breakdown hydrocarbon based particles, and returns them back into the environment as nutrients.

Non - Flammable:

No flash or fire point as determined by the standard laboratory closed cup method (ASTM D56).

Environmentally conscious in that the product contains no highly toxic solvents and is classified as readily/rapidly biodegradable.

• Sodium Carbonate
• Sodium Metasilicate
• Alcohol Ethoxylate
• Dye Water

Other substances in this product constitute less than one percent.