Degradable Compounds of MPCD

Molecular Potentially Chain Disintegrator
Dispersant Detergent Degreaser

Below please find a list of the ingredient classes contained in MPCD (Molecular Potentially Chain Disintegrator) and the information to certifying the biodegradability of MPCD according to the standards of the United States Attorney General.

Types of Ingredients contained in MPCD

• Sodium Carbonate
• Sodium Metasilicate
• Alcohol Ethoxylate
• Dye Water

As stipulated in the Code of Federal Regulations, biodegradability claims must be substantiated by component and reliable scientific evidence (16 CFR 260.7). The regulations also indicate that reference support data on the components of a formulated product may b utilized to support a biodegradability claim.

A literature review on the biodegradability of the organic component in MPCD showed that all are biodegradable within a reasonably short period of time after customary disposal. MPCD is customarily disposed into sewage systems and therefore, the rates listed below are for aqueous media.

Therefore MPCD is “biodegradable” as per the Code of Federal Regulations (16 CFR 260) “Guidelines for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims”.


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