Biosinfo is a Biological Special Product and must be used with MPCD Molecular Potentially Chain Disintegrator

The product contains:

Biological active enzymes and microorganisms that are aimed at sanitizing water environments such as: lakes, lagoons, rivers, fountains, ponds, sport fishing lakes, fish farms and are particularly indicated to treat the activation and optimization of biological filter systems.

The powder product is distributed an the surface of the water, as it is or after being mixed with water in basins with a big water exchange it is put at the water inflow by hand or distributed with specific dosing devices either continuously or after passing in a specific activation tank.

This product sanitizes the environment, widely reduces the ammonia dissolved in water, the B.O.D. phosphates and balances the saprophyte microbial flora. It acts against pathogens and indigenous parasites. At the recommended dosages the protozoa that are present in the product can reduce algae formation thanks to their capacity of digesting them

If the general quality of the environment improves the fauna of the water react with a better activity and therefore:

Not genetically modified micro organisms.